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05/12/2017 · A groin lump is any lump found in the groin area - also known as the crotch - that lies between the torso and legs. It may vary in size, shape, and colour, and may be on its own or as a group of lumps. Additionally, it may be. 20/09/2019 · I have found a pea sized lump in my groin, between my legs / upper thigh. Im sure I found it months ago and thought nothing of it - thought it would be an ingrown hair and it never crossed my mind again. I would say it’s pretty painless, maybe a little tender now I keep feeling for it but not painful where it’s made me notice anything. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Tolstrup on painful lump in leg crease groin area: This is hard to answer without a physical exam. Please see your family physician asap. What is a groin lump? A groin lump is any type of lump that is localized in the groin area, also known as the inguinal area. Lumps can vary in size, shape, consistency, color and number depending on the cause of the lump. A groin lump can have the same color as. What does pea size lump on the right side of my groin mean?. What does a small pea size lump on the right side of my groin area almost into the crease of my leg signify? I am a 29 year old female. It is not on the skin it is way underneath and it moves when I push on it.

I found a lump,inside right leg near groin area but in the crease of my leg where it bends. It is exstremely sore to the touch or if something presses on it as cancer runs in my family all kinds it scares me. Make an appointment to see your health care provider if you have an unexplained groin lump, especially if it lasts for more than 3 weeks. What to Expect at Your Office Visit. The health care provider will examine you and may feel the lymph nodes in your groin area. A genital or pelvic exam may be done. hi my 52 yr old husband has a lump near his groin by crease of leg he went to the doctor and he said it wasn't a gland what can this be i am really worried.

11/12/2019 · A few days ago I noticed a sore, reddish swollen lump on my left inner thigh, right along my bikini line. It has since gotten larger about the size of a nickel, and more elongated now. It only feels sore if I press on it or rub against it. It seems like a soft lump that moves around with the skin. Lump in groin Christopher-Blair. I am a 44 year old male with a rather large lump in my groin on my left side. The object is located at the very lower end of the groin - very nearly, but not quite, in the "crease" formed where the leg joins the abdomen. It is roughly the shape of a. Encountering a lump anywhere on your child's body can be frightening. Do not panic if you find a lump in your child's groin area. Arm yourself with the necessary information to address the concern before allowing worry to set in.

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